About Me

Jennifer Gonzales: website builder by day, crafty innovator by night. 

I love being creative in every aspect of my life.  Living with my husband, ginger kitty, and five reptiles in colorful Fort Collins, Colorado wasn't adventurous enough for me so I started Beartooth Gifts!  Every Beartooth Gift on my website was hand crafted with fearless creativity and unwavering joy.

Prior to 2018 I operated a very small, custom only stained glass shop called Beartooth Glassworks.  Now, as Beartooth Gifts I bring stained glass together with other mediums to offer a more comprehensive collection of custom and handmade items.

Beartooth isn't just the name of the Mountain Range I grew up in, it represents the small-town community feel I want every gift to give.  I love crafting up every little piece of jewelry and card with my heart and my hands.  I hope you enjoy giving and receiving these gifts just as much as I love making them.

My mission: bring the adventurous creativity back into gift giving to brighten your day or someone else's.